Friday, 23 March 2012

The Virtual Worlds Best Practice in Education unconference brought together some excellent resources on
practices for education in virtual environments, and assessment in virtual worlds, reproduced below:

Best Practice Resources

Journal of Virtual World Research, Vol 2. No. 1
Pedagogy, Education and Innovation in Education
VEJ Virtual Education Journal – September Issue

AERA Applied Research in Virtual Environments for Learning

Second Life sites:
ISTE Island
CAVE (Community of Applied Virtual Educators)
Virtual Pioneers
EdTech Island

Educator Research Groups and Social Media:
ARVEL – Second Life group
ISTE – Second Life group
Virtual Pioneers – Second Life Group
AERA ARVELSIG twitter @arvel

Assessment in Virtual Worlds

Resources and Readings:
Dede, C. Planning for Neomillennial Learning Styles, Educause Quarterly
Clarke, J. Studying the Potential of Virtual Performance assessments for Measuring Student Achievement in Science.
Virtual Assessments Project

Elluminate Session - watch the following keynote from Global Education Conference 2011
Chris Dede “How Immersion in Virtual Environments Aids Students in the Real World”

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