Friday, 23 March 2012

Exciting findings

Lots of exciting little moments today...
  • Discovering the My Citations section of Google Scholar - and that I have way more citations than I expected. Disappointingly though, because I currently don't have an educational institution email address, Google won't display my profile in Scholar searches. Boo.
    • Following links to those who have cited me and finding the excellent (well, it looks it - I haven't read it yet) book Emerging Technologies in Distance Education by George Veletsianos, which showcases the international work of research scholars and innovative distance education practitioners who use emerging interactive technologies for teaching and learning at a distance...
      • And then finding that while the book isn't available as an eBook on Google books, and is just shy of £30 on Amazon,  George, being a proponent of emerging technologies and pedagogies and digital scholarship, published the title under an open access license entitled Emerging Technologies in Distance Education, which can be downloaded for free at Thank you George!
  • Donald Clark has started an amazing blog marathon: 50 blogs on learning theorists over next 50 days. He's writing profiles on key figures in learning, theorists, practitioners and those directly relevant to e-learning. The coverage is quite fantastic... and will build into a super series. Thank you Donald!

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  1. You are welcome, Allie! I hope you find the book useful in your work. I can reach the Google Books version of the book here, but I'll reach out to the publisher to make sure it's accessible:

    Thank you for taking the time to mention the book!