Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Multimedia as evidence

Core activity 4.1 - How can you create and store evidence of your engagement in the following types of activity on H808?
  • Contributions to online discussion
  • Personal blog postings or comments on others’ blogs
  • Contributions to the course wiki
  • Notes and informal reflections written by hand
  • Examples of formal writing (TMAs, reports, etc.)
  • Extracts from PowerPoint presentations
  • Extracts from audio presentations
  • Extracts or screendumps from websites or video presentations
  • Comments from peers and tutors
  • Extracts from published sources (images, newspaper/magazine stories etc.).
The following map is multimedia evidence in itself, created with Mind42, a free, online, collaborative mind-mapping tool.You can drag the map around to view, zoom using the slider, or select the node level to focus on.

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