Monday, 7 September 2009

New beginnings

I'm just beginning H808 - an Open University Masters level course which I hope will help me to develop as an eLearning Professional.

I seem to be a somewhat reluctant entrant to blogging - I enjoy writing, keep copious notes, enjoy interacting with other students, read other blogs and forums, build web sites and publish papers... but I've never felt quite comfortable with putting my thoughts out there for anyone to read - and criticise. I'm sure other students on the course will be friendly and helpful, but dipping my toe in the water is nerve-racking.

It's interesting to experience the point of view of the overwhelmed (but keen!) new learner. I've done lots of studying, both distance-learning and in a fixed uni research office, but I feel very new here. For a fairly technology-savvy person to be experiencing this level of anxiety makes me very aware of how carefully students who are new to both distance learning and using various technologies to engage with that learning need to be supported.

Exciting isn't it!
Well, it would be quite a bit more exciting if I was able to communicate with my course mates! I can read the forums, see them all chatting away, introducing themselves and starting to share useful pointers and discussion... but I don't have Reply or Start new discussion buttons yet! I'm sure they will come, and their current lack of presence is due to my registering on the course on the last available day, but it's a bit frustrating. It means I see it all going on, but feel left behind before we've even begun! Again, a concern to watch out for in supporting elearners - make sure the technology is an enabler and not a hindrance!

I look forward to emeeting all my course mates soon, and am now going to see if I can find a way to post this on to them via a helpful course moderator (thanks Helen :-) )


  1. Congratulations on getting started (even if you are being frustrated by tech admin!)

  2. Hello Alice

    Yours is the blog above mine on the course wiki, I was very proud of myself for managing to post on the wiki without crashing or deleting the whole thing (yes I'm a real novice!) so thought I'd have a look at some other blogs. Your comments about reluctant blogging struck a real chord with me - I'm very reluctant myself!!! It's not so much that I fear criticism as worry that other people will find the comment dull and wonder why I bothered putting it on.

    Let's hope we both enjoy blogging on this course! ;-)


  3. Alice,
    there is a reply button at the bottom of each forum post. If you click it, add your comment, it will be added to the list of comments in the list.

  4. Thanks John - yes, I know there is a reply button *now* - but it hasn't been there until this morning! I'm all sorted and introduced there now, so things are good.