Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Getting organised

In addition to constructing the (unexpectedly epic!) blog post on my choice of ePortfolio below, I've spent most of the evening organising my H808 notes, evidence and ways of recording.

The ease with which OneNote has proven itself in storing/sorting/creating my course work is a large part of what led to my selecting it for my ePortfolio. (I sense a slight element of "if I say I've selected OneNote" enough times I'll start to believe that I made an ok decision, but I'm ignorring that right now!). Anyway, as I've gone along, in only 2 and a bit weeks of study I've accumulated notes on reading, blog posts, forum posts, wiki contributions, wiki edits and structure changes, a MyStuff portfolio (or at least a set of unstructured elements!) etc... This really points to the need to be organised on this course! So, I've spent the evening getting all these things stored in the one place - my OneNote notebook (and yes, it's backed up, off-site).

I feel happy with what I now have, and I think it's a sustainable system, suitably structured and easily accessible, tailored to my study-style preferences... but I do feel that most of what I've been doing in the past few days is organising my course and my activities, and not actually doing much in the way of 'the course'. Ok, I know these are all learning activities, but I mean ones listed in the course units!

Still, feels good to be organised, and to have done a little bit of 'the course' earlier today too.

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