Friday, 4 March 2011

This week...

... has not been my most productive on this course so far! In fact, no posts here, but two posts there suggest I might be avoiding or procrastinating, and I am (even by writing this post!). So, let's attempt to turn it into some more useful reflection...

What am I avoiding?
Two things - making a podcast, and posting things in the forum.

The podcast - I really hate the idea of recording my voice. There's also a bit of a challenge of coming up with content, but I know I can do that really. So it's the voice recording thing which is just so hideous an idea to me. Kate used xtranormal to do a brilliant alternative podcast - a short animation, for which she wrote the script.

And the forum? There's been quite a bit of discussion this week about how hectic it is, trying to keep up with all the posts, and the difficulties if people post their notes rather than real discussions. I think it's a bit problematic as a lot of the activities suggest you share your notes (or at least your thoughts) with your tutor group, and to get the ball rolling with that, some people will need to post their initial reactions to an activity. I'm now conscious that there are quite a few people in the group who are not happy about wading through posts, and I'm not sure I feel so happy posting any more  - and I worry that my contribution may not be valuable at the best of times anyway.

So how am I going to get passed this?
Well, the podcast I think I might quietly shove under the carpet. I'm quite happy with the technical side of recording, uploading, setting up a feed etc, so I don't feel I particularly need that practice (I might download Audacity though, as it's such a good tool and I think it'll come in handy for the upcoming interview).

And the forum? I probably just have to get on and keep posting! I try to write posts that will be relevant for other students, but I know I can't interest everyone, and certainly not all the time. I guess I just have to let them be selective - they can skip past my post if they want, and then I haven't upset anyone have I? 

But what's gone well?
Well, I have at least arranged my interviewee for the 'interviewing an elearning innovator' task. I shan't reveal who it is yet as we've not been through the release forms, but I'm hoping I'll be able to soon.

Hmm, that doesn't feel like quality reflection... not sure I learnt anything. In which case, maybe it was just procrastination. Damn!

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  1. Hi Alice;-)

    I'm not sure that I agree about the quality reflection judgement you make here;-)

    I think the point you make about skipping one of the assignments is valid - we just can't do everything on these programmes, and moving onto something more relevant (or even stretching) is good, in my book. It's taken me many years to give myself permission to skip over activities, so if you're anything like me, that's an important piece of learning.

    But I thought your reflections on the dynamics of your group were very interesting. Obviously, I'm not in your group, so can't join in on the detail, but it sounds as if there are many active people with a lot to say. You know, I think learning about the process of engaging with elearning is just as important as the content. The dynamics of an active group must be just as troubling as the opposite dynamics. I get the feeling that my tutor feels she has the less active 'problem' as almost half my group have posted very little so far.

    Knowing some of your gifts, Alice, my suggestion would be that you to help with things like summarising and helping to move discussions on? I remember that you deal well with new concepts and can explain them clearly to others. Plus you work hard! If the ideas are coming thick and fast, you might be a great service to folks who are feeling a bit overwhelmed.....

    Sorry to but in like this, but I felt you were being a bit hard on yourself;-)